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Il cibo di Pasqua


my name is anna

and I'm your chef!

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I am a professional with two passions: the first, good food; the second, to bring quality directly to your "home". but not only that, I am also an Executive Chef, who creates the dishes and coordinates the kitchen, but also takes care of all the set-up.


This is not a catering or food delivery service. A personal chef, in fact, does not deliver ready-made food, but cooks directly at your home or in the place you have chosen for your event.


Not a pre-packaged package, but a sensory journey based on tastes and preferences, with attention to intolerances.


depends on:

  • number of guests

  • number of courses

  • use of particular products

  • complexity of the preparations

  • need to make use of collaborators

  • any additional services

The advantage, however, will be to have a great chef at your service for one evening. And this will give you the opportunity to taste haute cuisine dishes, with the times and times you want and in the tranquility of the location you have chosen.


For a personalized quote without obligation!


+39 366 32 73 497

Image by Alex Munsell
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